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    The SuperJuice Cleanse

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     Just starting out?

    Rip off the band-aid, go with the Beginner. It’s basically the one night stand of cleansing, you’ll feel something, and doubles as a quick and easy way to lose your virginity. The 3 Day Cleanse.

    Done it before?

    Hello hello, nice to know you’ve got a bit of experience in this area. We reckon you should have a bit of a dabble in the Intermediate level. It’s like the moment you realize there are more surfaces in the world than a bed. The 5 Day Cleanse.

    Love it like Kanye loves Kanye? Reckon that’s a clich√© line?

    You’re right. Because you’re an Advanced individual who needs both mental and physical stimulation and that’s why you’ve dedicated a week of your life to cleaning your various pipes. Nice. The 7 Day Cleanse.


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